HELO, the acronym for History of the English Language Online, are around 60 internet pages in which you will be able to gather all sorts of information about the history of the English language, i.e. its phonology, its syntax or the diachronic development of the English language ...

The HELO-Pages were built by Knut Hannemann, Rainer Holtei, Georg Hund, Vanja Wüster, and Rebecca Weiss. They are also known as the HELO-Team. This team consists of a group of students and teachers studying medieval English language and literature at the Heinrich-Heine-Universität in Düsseldorf.

The idea to develop an online version of the ‘History of the English Language’ was born in the seminar ‘History of the English Language’, which students can attend every winter term. Here the HELO-Team came into existence and soon started to develop an online version of the history of  English that students of the seminar could consult in order to prepare themselves for class, repeat individual units, or to test their acquired knowledge in various online tests.

Before you can start browsing through HELO, you need to get familiar with the navigation buttons of these sites. In this respect it is important to know that HELO consist of three levels:

    On the first level, you will find the general pages, i.e. Navigation, Plan, Materials, Papers, Tests, Glossary and Bibliography.

    On the second level, you will find the unit pages that contain information on certain aspects of the history of the English language.

    On the third level, you will find the materials for each unit of level two.

The four blue arrows in the upper right corner of the pages help you navigate through the internet pages. By clicking on the ‘down’ or ‘up’ arrow, you can switch back and forth between the three different levels, i.e. general pages, units and materials. By clicking on the ‘left’ or ‘right’ arrow, you can jump from one general page to another, or from one unit to the other, or choose from one of the various material pages. The capital ‘N’ in the centre leads you to the ‘Navigation’ page, which lets you choose the page you would like to go to in one of the five drop down menus. Here, you will also find a site mapper offering you a survey of the whole site and another easy way of navigation.

By clicking the ‘down’ arrow here, you will jump to the ‘Navigation’ page where you are just one more click away from the actual units. Please mind that we optimized this site for IE 5.5 (800x600); other browsers and resolutions may produce surprising layout effects. Enjoy your stay ...

Welcome to HELO ...


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